Thursday, May 21, 2009

Why I Love Thrive Learning Institute

I love Thrive Learning Institute because they taught me everything I needed to know to make money online, to free myself from the chains of the wage slave and become beholden to no one. From Thrive Learning Institute I learned:

1. How to set up a legitimate business entity with my state so that i can do business with drop shippers and manufacturers

2. I learned how to build a website with their easy to use Light Wave Builder tool.

3. I learned about SEO and how to rank in the search engines for certain terms and keywords.

4. I learned how to monetize my websites with adsense, affiliate products, real products that I drop ship and how to create my own product.

5. I learned how to be free from regular boring jobs and now I can travel the world and still make the same amount of money wherever I go!

Thrive Learning Institute is the best thing that has ever happened to me! Now I can go slander them and make even more money! follow me on twitter!


  1. And since someone is still maintaining this site, they are obviously in on the identity theft which has been reported to Google. Visit or for how to thrive, learning about personal freedom with spiritual training materials. That's how I really love to thrive, learning about personal freedom.

    1. Too bad people feel they have to lie to boost their self esteem. I hear Thrive Learning Institute has all but disappeared...

  2. Since this blog has already been reported for impersonation (more than once) - you may be realizing that you don't have time for this. Check out for the real thrivelearning I love. Or that little icon in the corner with my picture on it - that will show you all the other blogs and sites I maintain. Welcome to my world.

    Do us both a favor and simply take down this blog...

  3. Try finding peace within yourself by being true to others - and then you'll find more truth within yourself.

    Deceit and impersonation is just a way to lose yourself.

    Try the materials at to illuminate your own path...

  4. Slander and deceit...

    Ever hear about the phrase that when you point a finger at someone else, 3 are pointing back at you?

    And another - what goes around comes around? Golden Rule type of thing.

    So whoever wrote these lies has my prayers. Learn from your mistakes sooner than later.


  5. Zack Bradshaw here.

    Wanted to let you know about a link I found:

    If you ever have any difficulties with Thrive Learning, just contact me at:
    1-866-334-3672 US Toll Free
    1-801-224-3673 Int Direct Line
    1-801-224-3997 Fax Line


    And the principles of Thrive Learning:

    Matthew Rasmussen- 801-787-3979 (cell)
    David Rasmussen- 801-735-3909 (cell)
    Colton Moody- 801-310-1067 (cell)

    Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

  6. Hey, is this true - that you're just a hack-job and not a real person?

    For great die cast machinery, visit:

  7. All of Thrive Learning should be ashamed of themselves, posting a fake blog like this. (But then, they haven't existed online since 2010, so trying to get this taken down is probably wasting time.)

    For the truth in how to build a real home business, visit

  8. Robert Worstell here.
    This site, as you can read above, was built to slander me. But Thrive Learning Institute now only exists on the blogs I've since built. Like:

    Which means, yes, I have trained myself inspite of the scammers at the original

    And yes, I am enjoying the life of a financially free entrepreneur - based on my booksales which continue regardless of the Utah Scammer Network. See my books at

    So visit my sites. Enjoy yourself. Plenty of good data available there.

  9. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, really, I'm sorry.

    While I'm hiding out from the Internet and doing anything valuable on it, I just have to figure out away to atone for my illegal actions in bilking all those thousands of people out of millions. "Karma" has new meaning for me. My life will never be the same now.